The Interpreter Fund 

What is Needed?

We would  like to provide  independent American Sign Language interpreters to float around the conference and provide interpreting services to those participants who request it. This is separate from the sponsored CART services.

This year, we are trying to bring eight awesome volunteers out. They are freelance interpreters willing to donate their time to provide services to DEAF and HH participants.  However, we will help provide for money of services, travel, lodging, and food expenses to bring them out to Las Vegas.  That is where you come in.

How Can I Help?

The interpreters volunteer their time to come out to Las Vegas.  We reimburse their travel and hotel expenses with user generated funds.  Every dollar donated goes to providing our interpreters with the means to make it to Defcon.  


Goal: $8,000


Cost Breakdown   

Cost per interpreter: $2,000


You can also donate via PayPal!