Our Mission

To encourage Deaf and Hard of Hearing (HH) security professionals to attend security conferences, like DEFCON; help those hackers with communication services; and provide a place for Deaf/HH to meet and network


First discussions of reaching out to the Deaf/HH community for started on January 6th, 2013 in a thread on Defcon Forums by Deviant Ollam and lady merlin.  Knoll and arose4beni also volunteered to help organize the event.  After many emails, texts, and proposal drafts, DEAF CON became an unofficial event for DC21. 

The first meetup was a success.  Various Deaf/HH and regular hackers came together in the Chillout Café. Deaf Con was able to fundraise enough money to bring Knoll and b_gret to work the con floor interpreting at some village talks.  The experience was amazing and the entire team agreed to do this again.  

DEAF CON is a California 501 (c)(3) Non-profit organization. We provide outreach to the Deaf and HH community and information security community. We encourage Deaf and HH information security professionals to attend conferences. We help to provide communication services and spaces for professionals to meet and network with others.