Board of Directors and Officers

James Tranovich - President

Nuno Raposo (nulpoints) -Vice President/ Lead Interpreter

Nuno has been working as freelance interpreter in the San Francisco Bay Area since 2002. An alum of the Ohlone Interpreter Preparation Program, he enjoys the variety of work freelancing allows him. Recently, Nuno has been putting his geekary to good use interpreting the tech gigs that come his way. Beyond American Sign Language, Nuno is also conversationally fluent in Portuguese and Spanish.

Ashley Benitez Smith (arose4beni) - Treasurer/ Secratary

Ashley  is one of the Lead Organizers for DEAF CON.  She doesn't know ASL, but she does know how to plan and edit documents well.  Ashley was one of the organizers who helped in last year's inaugural meetup.  She resides in Maryland where she teaches Technology Education.


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